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  • Clear-Com CC-25

Clear-Com CC-25

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Spare Part Part Description
CC-25-WS CC-25  Replacement  Windscreen
CC-25-WS CC-25  Replacement Ear Cushion
-CC-25-CUS10 CC-25 pack of 10 Replacement  Ear cushions
-CC-25-CUS25 CC-25 pack of 25 replacement Ear cushions


Single Ear lightweight around-the-ear headset

Comes with a 2.5mm mini-jack for use with RS-600-series beltpacks ONLY.

Single or Double Ear Headset Single
Open or Enclosed Ear Phone Open
Weight 25g
Earpads Foam or Leatherette Foam
Type of Microphone Electret
Impedance Mic/Earpiece 2200ohms/32ohms