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Zgrips V3 with Grip Relocator for Canon C100-C300-C500

The Zgrips V3 with Grip Relocator for Canon C100/300/500* combines our Grip Relocator with our popular, heavy-duty Zgrips V3 double handgrips. The Zgrips V3 attach to 15mm rods with standard 60mm lightweight spacing between the rods. They are all black and fully adjustable. The handgrips themselves are fully articulating. For unencumbered tripod use and storage, the arms quick-release off by flipping a lever. These grips come with one standard handgrip and one Grip Relocator.

The Canon 300/100* removable grip attaches directly to our Relocator handle and our exclusive cable connects to the port on your camera. Once its plugged in, users have trigger or on/off control, lens aperture control, and a programmable function button that can be set to a number of things including waveform, 1 to 1 zoom, zebras, my menu, and many more. The cable is 24" long.

If you are interested in a single handgrip option check out our Zgrip handle with Relocator.

If you already own a set of Zgrips or any Zgrip handle, you can simply purchase the Grip Relocator and upgrade your Zgrip Handle.

*The Grip Relocator can be used with the C500. However, the C500 camera does not come with the Canon Grip. You must purchase that separately from Canon.

The electronic components of this item have a limited 1 year warranty.