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Why do we still show discontunued items on our website?
As a service to our customers. Any links to accessories are still active, and you're able to compare features and specs to the new model.

When do we label items Discontinued?
Sometimes a manufacturer sends out a bulletin announcing that item(s) have been discontinued. However most of the time we make the change by checking new price lists.

What is the replacement model?
Whenever possible we list the date the item was discontinued along with a link to the replacement model.

Why are some of the models we have listed as discontinued still shown as current on the manufacturer's site?
Sometimes the manufacturer's site is just behind in posting changes. Very often new models don't show up for months after introduction. They sometimes leave discontinued models up to help their dealers and distributors move old inventory. Some dealers purchase model closeouts and ask the manufacturer not to show it as officially discontinued. This is why you'll see some dealers running special pricing on an item no longer available anywhere else.

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